Our delicious Munster Val de Weiss was GOLD MEDAL WINNER at the Concours Général Agricole des Produits 2019. 

For a century and a half, the Concours Général Agricole has been upholding the taste and quality of products from the French regions’ sectors of excellence. It is the oldest, most important and most selective agricultural competition, unparalleled in the world. 

Munster Val de Weiss is suitable for vegetarians #cheese #vegetarian

Scenes from the Concours Général Agricole 2019

The medals, which reward products and wines, are awarded by an independent and volunteer jury, half of whom are professionals from the sectors concerned and the other of informed consumers.

The purpose of the General Agricultural Competition is to encourage producers involved in excellence and to promote to consumers a quality diet derived from French agriculture and livestock farming. It is the showcase of the exceptional biodiversity of genetics and French gastronomy.