The Sodiaal Fromages team walked away with:
14 Gold Medals
7 Silver Medals
7 Bronze Medals
1 Butter
3 Milk
Total 28 Medals

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Our Fondue Entremont won the GOLD trophy in the category – Corino Award Best Cheese Fondue

Our Fondue Entremont won the GOLD trophy in the category

Gold Award
Gold: Brie de Meaux
Gold: Truffle Brie DUO
Gold: Roquefort
Gold: Bleu d’Auvergne
Gold: Saint Flour
Gold: Morbier
Gold: Abondance
Gold: Comté Prestige
Gold: Ossau Iraty

Gold Award French Cheeses 2022

Silver Award
Silver: Brie Royal Truffle
Silver: Forest ENTREMONT
Silver: Roquefort
Silver: Saint Mont des Alpes
Silver: Ossau Iraty
Silver: Gruyère
Silver: Tomme de Savoie

Bronze Award
Bronze: Truffle Brie DUO
Bronze: Comté Prestige
Bronze: Bleu d’Auvergne
Bronze: Saint Flour
Bronze: Tomme Dorée
Bronze: Salted Douceur de France