Candia Professional 35% UHT Whipping Cream

35% Fat UHT Cream Special Whipping 1L

A very firm whipped cream with an excellent stability
A delicate taste of cream for gourmet pastries

Candia Professional 18% UHT Cooking Cream

18% Fat UHT Sterilized Single Cream

Perfect in sauces, gratins, soups and savoury or sweet pies.

18% Fat UHT Sterilized Single Cream

18% Fat UHT Cream Binding & Cooking 1L

Ideal for quick sauces with an excellent yield
A good stability for both hot and cold binding

35% Fat UHT Cream 1L Baignes

Ideal for all types of preparations: sauces, desserts, topping

Our range of UHT creams are made in France with local milk collected from SODIAAL producers.

We dedicated all of our knowledge to the creation of superior smooth creams to assist chefs in their every day culinary preparations. Our selection allows each professional to find the cream best suited for their needs as it can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

The UHT creams have a considerably longer shelf life compared to fresh cream which allows them to be versatile and maintain really high quality.

French long life Cream


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