Versatile and traditional Douceur de France butter from Brittany boasts an illustrious history, making it a favourite in British kitchens

In Brittany, salted butter holds a very important place. As the main salt producer in France, it was one of the few provinces that was exempt from paying the Gabelle, a hefty tax on salt introduced by King Philippe VI in 1343 as a way to boost the kingdom coffers.

When Brittany was reunited to France in 1532, Anne of Brittany stipulated that the province would never be subjected to the salt tax. Brittany was thus doubly privileged since it produced its own salt, which was easily available on the free market.

To this day, the people of Brittany exclusively use salted butter when cooking, baking, or simply to spread on their bread. It is a part of their history, and Sodiaal is proud to be producing butter in this region, in order to be able to distribute it in the UK, thus sharing the quality and know-how of Brittany.

The rich history of Brittany butter

A leader in UK kitchens
Traditional Douceur de France butter, produced in the heart of Brittany, is one of the leading brands in foodservice in London, with its 250g blocks already used by many chefs and food professionals.

Now, the brand is expanding by relaunching its highly rated Brittany butter rolls. These butter rolls are made in Quimper, a town marked with Brittany’s culture and traditions. By its location and architecture, it was, historically speaking, a strategic point for trade. The city kept its historical centre throughout the ages, with bulwark, traditional houses and historical buildings.

Photo of Brittany courtesy of Quimper Municipal Archive

Photo of Brittany courtesy of Quimper Municipal Archive

Quimper’s Douceur de France 250g traditional butter rolls are available in both salted and unsalted versions, and are made from the finest local cream. With a fresh lactic taste and unbeatable creaminess, they will please guests when served on the table, but will also benefit chefs back in the kitchen.

unsalted britanny butter rolls