Kid’s Fondue Recipe


30g butter
1 garlic clove
30g plain flour
600ml JUST MILK semi skimmed
500g Entremont Emmental Cheese
Half lemon
Salt & Pepper
Pinch Paprika
1 pack of Smoked Sausage
1 red pepper
Stick of French bread


1. Melt the butter in a large heavy bottomed pan
2. Crush the garlic clove into the pan and stir through
3. Pour in the plain flour and stir and mix for 2 minutes
4. Gradually pour in the JUST MILK and whisk together
5. Add in the Emmental Cheese and stir in until melted
6. Squeeze in the lemon
7. Season to taste
8. Add the Paprika and stir in
9. Stir and simmer for 5 minutes
10. Pour the contents into a Fondue Pot
11. Server with Smoked Sausage, Red Pepper and French Bread


Prep time (mins)

Cooking time (mins)


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