We recently had some cheeses considered in the International Cheese & Dairy Awards for 2018 and we’re incredibly proud to say we came away with some medals.

Our Bleu Saint Flour won the Gold medal for the category – Best French Cheese – Blue Cheese – any milk. Open to cheese produced in France. Any size or weight

The Judges comments on our Bleu Saint Flour cheese were that it

‘Looks good, evenly blued with a pleasing creaminess balanced with sweetness and a great blue flavour.’

The World Cheese Awards has been taking place every year in Nantwich since 1897, and brings together buyers, sellers and producers of cheese from across the world.

The Awards represent the most important cheese event in the UK and one of the most important events on the global level. For well over a century, the show has continued to grow year-on-year, and now attracts over 3,700 competitive entries from around the world in 260 categories. So, to win the Gold medal feels like a truly fantastic achievement.

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The Nantwich Cheese and Dairy Awards

Photo courtesy of the Cheese & Dairy Awards, Nantwich