French Roquefort cheese


Raw Ewe’s Milk
Ripening: 3 months minimum

appellation d'origine protegee 150 squaregreat taste one star award 2023 ICDA 2022 Gold Award 150 square

French Carré d’Aurillac cheese

Carré d’Aurillac

Pasteurized cow’s milk
Ripening: 16 days min

French Bleu Slices cheese

Bleu Slices

Pasteurized Cow’s Milk
Ripening: 3 months minimum

Crème de Terroir Roquefort

Crème de Terroir Roquefort

Processed Roquefort cream
(65% Roquefort minimum) 500g

Roquefort: A natural and wild environment of mountainous terrain, rock faces, water and vegetation. Roquefort is the king of its cheeses made from raw sheep’s milk, refined in the region’s natural caves.


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