Coulommiers Renard Gillard

One of our award winning Grand Est Cheeses


Saint Mont des Alpes

One of our Savoie Region Cheeses

int cheese awards Nantwich 2019 GOLD AWARD

Unsalted Douceur de France

One of our award winning French butters

Nantwich Cheese and Dairy Awards SILVER medal

Sodiaal – The Excellence of French Dairy

From milk collection to cheese making, our production is deeply rooted in France, we take pride in maintaining the local economy in order to offer products strictly « made in France ».

Far more than a simple French origin, our products reflect the respect we have for our producers and the French terroirs we wish to preserve.

Our cooperative’s identity and sustainability relies, first and foremost on our core value of respect for the environment, preservation of the Earth, and ethical commitments regarding society and animal welfare.

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Maison Monts & Terroirs Comte Cheeses

Proudly presenting  Monts & Terroirs sampling event

Proudly presenting Monts & TerroirsComté 18 & 24 months samplingMONTS & TERROIRS SAMPLING TERMS AND CONDITIONS Sample event is open to UK residents aged 18+ only. All entries must have been received by 11:59PM on 17/03/2023. To apply, just fill in the form...


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